Acme Lead Nut 1/2-10 two start .2 linear travel per 1 rev

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Delrin anti backlash nut for CNC machines.  1/2-10 acme thread.  .100 inch pitch, two start thread.  Travels .2 inch per revoultion.  Has .25 thick 1.5 diameter flange, with 2 flats, 1.25 acress the flats.  4 holes .25 dia, on a 1.188 bolt circle.  Overall length 1.125, requires .875 dia. mounting hole clearance for spring.
Provides zero backlash condition with spring loaded wear mechanism installed.
For use in desktop sized CNC machines.
Available with plain un-machined flange, or modified with flats and bolt circle
Unmachined ab-nut
Un-modified Flange at left
ab nut drawing
Nut dimensional layout at left

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