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Servo motor with timing belt and pulley reducer
Servo motor with timing belt and pulley reducer
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Item Number: 404058
Manufacturer: IMService
Servo motor (part 404052) with a timing belt reduction assembly. The assembly is a black enclosed box, with nema 23 stepper motor mounting holes, a .25 flatted shaft, and a shaft extension that can be used for a manual knob or lead screw handle. The reduction is approximately 2.8:1, resulting in an output shaft speed of 1000 rpm, 60 oz-in rated torque, and 500 oz-in stall torque.

This reducer is not designed to be used as a thrust bearing on an axis lead screw. Axis lead screw retention should be provided by another means. A flexible motor coupling is recommended to attach the output shaft from the reducer to the leadscrew of the driven axis.

The dimensions (in inches) of the reduction box are as follows:

Mounting 2.625 dia bolt circle, .195 dia holes, flat surface.
1/4 drive shaft extending approx 5/8 from mounting surface
Belt reducer assy is approx 1.25 x 2.25 by 6.25 long
Drive shaft is approx 1 7/8 in from endcap.

Setup data: The precise pulley ratio is slightly larger than 2.8:1. Use 5647.0588 steps per rev in quadrature mode (4X), and 1411.7647 in slot mode (1X).

This motor replaces the old Globe motors, and if you are presently using a Globe motor with our systems, you will need a new pigtail to match the new style. Please add one to your order from the motor section of the webstore. 

Note: A Sherline machine dial is shown in the picture as an example of how the dials are attached. Handle is not included with this assembly.

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