Board, Interface, PWM to 0-10vdc

PWM to 0-5vdc interface board
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Item Number: 702108
Manufacturer: Deskcnc
Manufacturer Part No: dcnc/vfd/opto

This board provides an opto-isolated interface between digital pwm signals and industrial controllers that require an analog input signal.  The interface output voltage can be offset using a std resistor or potentiometer for lower than 10VDC input requirements.  The unit also offers two opto-isolated channels that provide a contact closure to ground output for stop-start function , or direction control of motor controllers.

Suggsted uses:

  • Variable speed DC motor controls
  • Variable output AC Drives
  • Variable Frequency Drives ( VFD/Inverters)
  • Variable output vibratory feeders
  • Variable light dimming applications
  • Variable temperature controllers
  • Other analog input devices

Plug compatible with the DeskCNC controller, other DeskCNC outputs are available with direct to terminal connection ( PWM, CW, and CCW are opto-isolated). This board is also compatible with other systems that use digital PWM signals such as parallel port controllers, ncPOD, Gecko 100, etc.


PWM: Opto isolated pwm, supports 0-50Khz, 0-100% duty cycle, 3-6 VDC pulse Height, and 2-6ma current draw.

CW & CCW: opto isolated from board supply, 3-6 VDC input voltage, 2-6 ma current draw.  Poistive triggered.

Mist, Flood, Aux1,2,3 pass through terminal connections from DeskCNC or other source.  Isolated from board supply, but not opto-isolated.


0-10vdc linear response to positive period of the PWM signal.  Source current 30 ma. Minimum stable load 500 ohm.

CW & CCW - Contact closure to ground.  Supports 100vdc 500 ma contact signal.  Can be wired to external relay for motor direction control or to VFD CW & CCW inputs.

Power supply: 12vdc regulated or 15-30 vdc unregulated. Up to 125 ma regulated 12vdc available when powered with 15-30 vdc regulated power supply.

Includes ribbon cable and wiring layout, and instructions for wiring to Leeson Speedmaster Controller,  and to Automation Direct GS-Series VFD.

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