CNC kit - Kit-4A with 2 or more axes

DeskCNC servo Kit 4
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Servo KIT-4A includes 1 each of the following per axis:

One Globe Servo motor per axis with speed reducer boxes, part number 404058
One DeskCNC SV-500 5 amp-30 volt servo driver cards part number 202050
One 12 foot encoder cable part number 404065
One encoder pigtail
One insulated panel mount connector harness to match encoder cables.

Each kit also includes a prepped and terminated power cable. 4 conductor for the 2 axis option, 8 conductor for the 3 and 4 axis option, and a 4 and an 8 conductor power cable with the 6 axis option. Each power cable is 12 feet long.

This kit is mechanically assembled and the motor cable kits are plug and play. The motors w/reducers bolt onto a CNC ready machine such as a mill , lathe, or router. Kit builder will have to provide a step and direction CNC controller such as DeskCNC, Mach, TurboCNC, Ahha, etc to run the machine. An electrical enclosure with power supply, and any switches, relays, fuses and/or connectors on the enclosure are also required. Requires a 30vdc max, unregulated motor power supply, and a 5vdc regulated logic supply for the board and encoder power. Enclosure, hardware, controller software and power supply is not included. Typical size is 28vdc 6amp for a Sherline or Taig sized machine, and up to 28vdc, 10 amp for larger machines such as the imported mini mills and CNC routers up to about 3 x 3 feet.

The motor-belt reducer assemblies are enclosed and bolt onto the
same bolt hole pattern as a nema 23 stepper motor. Design speed is 1000 rpm at 30vdc. Encoder cables are certified up to 85,000 steps per second. This is 45 ipm on a Sherline is 4X mode. In 1X mode the motors achieve this speed with a step rate of less than 22,000 sps.

4 axis Kit-4A show in photo above

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