CNC kit - Kit 3A w/2 axis for lathe

DeskCNC servo Kit 3A Lathe
Your Price: $875.00
Item Number: 404025
Manufacturer: IMService

2 axis DeskCNC servo driver kit for lathe. Includes all the following:

  • 2 404058 Globe Servo motors with speed reducer boxes
  • 2 202050 DeskCNC SV-500 5 amp-30 volt servo driver cards
  • 1 202120 DeskCNC cam and controller software license and 2nd generation controller board
  • 2 404054 encoder pigtails
  • 2 404060 encoder cables
  • 2 Insulated Panel mount connectors to match encoder cables.
  • 4 conductor power cable with 2 pairs of terminated ends and in-line disconnect connectors.  ( 12 feet )
  • Also includes a printed manual and starter CD with DeskCNC software.

This kit is mechanically assembled and the motor cable kits are plug and play. Kit builder will have to provide a Windows 98 or later pc, an electrical enclosure with power supply, and any switches, relays, and/or connectors on the enclosure. Also requires a power cord and RS-232 serial port cable, which are not included with this kit. The motor-belt reducer assemblies are enclosed and bolt onto the same bolt hole pattern as a nema 23 stepper motor.


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