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SYS-3 Controller
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This System includes DeskCNC Windows software with built in machine controller, 2d and 3d cam, engraving, image to CNC cam functions, and probing.  Can be used to run a lathe, mill, CNC router and/or 4 axis foam cutter.




Globe servo motor, included in SystemSelect the number of axes needed for a complete, Closed Loop, Servo CNC system with brushed DC servo motors, cables, enclosure and software. System includes contents of the servo retrofit kit, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with power breaker, enable, e-stop controls, and cooling fan. Standard SYS-3 has a linear, 28v-6amp DC power supply.  3 and 4 axis versions have jack for probe connection (probe is extra). The Servo motors are as shown at the left.  Manufactured to our specificaiton by Globe Motors in Alabama, USA. Red handles shown on the motor assembly are Sherline parts and are not included.


New! Servo reset circuit. also included. This circuit permits resetting of servo fault conditions without interrupting the controller.  Very useful for setup and initial testing of the system.

In addition to this system, you will need a CNC ready machine with NEMA-23 motor mounts and a Windows 98 or later computer ( runs on Win98, 2000, ME, XP, etc). Minimum hardware is a Pentium Pro-200 or Pentium2-350MMX.  Can be used with a Serial port, or a USB to serial adaptor can also run the machine. Basic system includes 12 foot motor, power and encoder cables, 9 foot heavy duty power cord and 10 foot serial cable.




Sherline CNC ready mills and lathes available at a discount with SystemsSherline CNC ready mills and lathes are also available at approximately 15% discount with system purchase.

Options include Spindle and Coolant relays, Lathe Encoder kit, and a 10 amp power supply.

Probe jack included with 3,4, and 6 axis systems.  Lathe spindle-encoder connector installed in case and tested when ordered with SYS-3A.

The 6 axis system includes a 4 axis controller with 6 motors for use on a 4 axis mill and a 2 axis lathe.  The two machines share the same software, controller, and drivers.  Either machine may be operated by the system, but not both at once.

Normal leadtime is stock to 10 days.


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