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IMService regularly displays our products at model engineering exhibitions and other venues.
2008 Schedule for shows is:
Cabin Fever, January 18-20, 2008, York, PA.
NAMES, April, 2008, Toledo, OH
CNC-Workshop, June 16-21, 2008 Galesburg, IL 

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IMService is an authorized dealer for Sherline miniature machine tools SHERLINE CNC-ready 
machines are available at a discount when purchased with our servo Systems and kits. 

We also manufacture a line of desktop CNC routers with cutting areas of 12 x 12 x 4 ($1995) and 
12 x 24 x 4 ($2595).  These machines are fixed bridge style with servo systems, limits and homing, probing, and optional rotary 4th axis capability    CNC ROUTERS

As part of our manufacturing activities, we negotiate volume discounts on various materials and components that are useful to do-it-yourselfers and make some of our manufactured sub assemblies available to hobbyists.  These items include assembled Z-slides, #2 V-wheels, bushings, and track, transformers and power supply components, Solid state and magnetic relays, E-stops, pwm spindle speed controllers, and other items as they become available.  CNC machine Components

The links in this section are private links for hobbyist discounts and are not directly accessible from our web store.  We are the English language distributor for Vector Cad-cam, and only sell the latest release version.  Hobby versions of Vector are the same as the commercial versions.  It is licensed for one user but multiple computers are allowed.  There is no dongle or hardware locking key required.  A full working 30 day demo is available from the info website link.

Hobby Discounts and Specials on Vector CadCam    info website    

Vector Cad-only, hobby-CD Version hobby special $59    BUY!  includes DXF, IGES, 3DM, STL, file import and export.  3D wireframe  and 3D surface modeling. Offsets 2D contours for tool centerline and reorders DXF files for use with Ace-converter and similar programs. Merge drawings, scale, rotate, translate, array drawing entities, text engraving.  Vector CD (with e-manuals) and a license for the drawing capabilities of Standard Vector. CNC g-code generation and printed manuals are not included. 

Vector Cad-Cam Standard  version with mill, lathe, 2+4 axis wire EDM, router, laser, plasma. Requires Windows 98 or later Windows operating system.  Standard Vector includes 3D surface modeling and JOBS! Includes postprocessors for most hobby class controllers.  
Regularly $1295, hobby special $395    BUY! 

Vector Cad-Cam 3D surface machining , including all of standard Vector Cad-Cam, plus 3D surface machining, roughing and finishing. 
Regularly $1795 hobby special just $655 total    BUY!    

DeskCNC cam software, editor, and machine controller in one program.  Includes pocketing, drilling, contouring, 3D stl files, raster to vector, image grayscale height cutting, pcb drilling and milling, text engraving, contact probe scanning, rotary 4th axis programming, and 4 axis foam cuttting. $250 BUY!
DeskCNC with 125,000 steps per second, serial port, Controller Card $350 BUY!

IMService sells desktop, servo based, CNC systems compatible with serial, parallel, and USB ports on PC's running DOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.  See the comparison chart to help you decide which system is best for you: Comparison Chart

Servos vs Steppers?

IMService is a stocking distributor of Globe servo motors, suitable for small desktop CNC mills and lathes.  We also sell assembled belt and pulley reducers that bolt onto NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts. Globe Servo Motor link

CNC Workshop 2005

Creating CNC parts: the Software

Desktop CNC Lathe Threading writeup

Free Threading Program

Surplus tool and equipment list

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