Power Supply kit 28 vdc 5 amps or 10 amps and 12v/5v 1a

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Item Number: 4040-032 or -033
Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: Power Supply kit 30v 5a or 10a


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200 VA or 300 VA available

Outputs smoothed 27-30vdc, and regulated 12vdc, 1 amp and 5 vdc, 1 amp from the same secondary. An untrained individual should not purchase this item. Requires a background in electricity and electronics for safe and successful completion. Consists of the following items:

  • 200 or 300 VA torroid transformer w/12 inch leads, Dual 120 vac primary 
  • Assembled power module
  • Drilled and tapped, aluminum heatsink/mounting plate, with 4, 3/16 dia. mounting holes
  • Terminal strips
  • Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
  • Component mounting hardware (screws, brackets, etc)
  • Circuit schematic

Tools required: Crimper, Philips and straight screwdriver, 9/16 wrench, wire stripper, needle nose pliers

The base plate is 1/8 x 4 x 7, the transformer overhangs by 1/8-1/4 inch on the sides.  Overall height of the assembly  is approx 3.5 inches.


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