Probe - TP100A Probe-Toolsetter, Adjustable shank in 1/4, 10mm, or 3/8 diameter

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Item Number: 20203
Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: TP100 Probe


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TP-100A, touch-trigger probe and tool setter. Used for 3D surface scanning, edge and top surface detection center hole measurement and toolsetting.

The probe is a 5 way normally closed contact switch.  It is used to record precision measurements from surfaces.  Includes 2mm ( .079 in) dia Ruby ball measuring tip for long and accurate life.  Commonly scans 20,000 points per hour, with around 10,000,000 points between maintenance/lubrication.

Compatible with CNC controllers with a probe input capability.  Works with programs such as DeskCNC, TurboCNC, Mach3, EMC, MaxNC, and many others.

When used with DeskCNC controller and software, a surface scan is automatically compensated for the probe tip radius, filtered to adjust for the stepwise measurement methods, smoothed, and saved as an .STL CAD file.  The .STL Cad file can be opened in Cad programs for modification and combination with other geometry.  DeskCNC can directly input the .stl file for remachining with user defined tools and machining strategies.  Most 3D CAM programs can create CNC programs from the DeskCNC .stl files.

Includes flat base and stylus for use as an electronic Tool length measurement device. Requires probe compatible software to collect surface data.


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