Driver- DeskCNC SV-500 servo driver PCB assembly

SV 500 Servo Driver Board
Your Price: $110.00
Item Number: 202050
Manufacturer: Deskcnc
Manufacturer Part No: SV-500 Servo Driver Card
2nd Generation SV-500 servo driver is now shipping.  This item has been redesigned into a 20% smaller package.  The new design has a 4X step multiplier, header connectors and removable motor and power terminals. 

DeskCNC SV-500 Servo Driver. Rated 30 volt and 5 amps. For Brushed DC servo motors w/ 5 volt, 2 channel encoders (like Agilent HEDS style). Simplified, servo tuning with flashing LED indicator. EBL connection to signal servo fault to all axes in system and visible indication of the faulted axis (brightest flashing led). Can also pull down feed hold, e-stop, or other controller lines with additional circuitry.These boards are designed to power the axes of a desktop CNC mill or lathe. Typical applications include desktop CNC routers, the Taig, MaxNC and Sherline lathes and mills, and the imported micro and mini mills.


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