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SheetCam is a low cost but feature packed CAM package. SheetCam is suitable for milling, routing, plasma, waterjet, laser and oxy-fuel cutting.

For machines that have full control over the Z axis you can program the pierce height and cut height directly. This is useful for machines running Mach3 for instance. SheetCam combined with Mach3 and a torch height controller for a good plasma cutting solution.

The tool definition allows you define all of the important parameters for cutting. You can define as many tools as you like for different materials etc.

Kerf width or tool diameter. Draw your part the size you want and let SheetCam work out where to run the torch, router bit, or end mill.

Automatic cut ordering to ensure that inside contours are always cut before outside contours.
Oxy-fuel preheat time.
Pierce delay time.
Optional ramp piercing. Instead of plunging straight in, the cutter torch can ramp in, reducing the amount of material blown back into the torch. This increases consumable life and reduces faulty cuts due to blocked or obstructed nozzles

Once you have defined you tool you can set up the cut. SheetCam gives you many options to optimise cutting.

Profile cutting:

Inside, outside or no tool compensation
Multi pass cutting
Ramp cutting to allow plunging with non center-cutting tools.
Finishing allowance for roughing tools
Selectable leadin and leadout
Climb or normal cut direction


Automatic island detection
Multi pass cutting
Adjustable stepover


Drill from circles or points in a DXF file
Peck drilling with controllable retract amount

Step and repeat parts:
Multiple parts can be nested on a sheet. They can be flipped and rotated to make most efficient use of the material.

Array parts:
Parts can be placed in an array to quickly fill a sheet with minimum effort.

Requires Windows Xp or Vista, 7, 8 and newer. .

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