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DeskCNC software and controller combo
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Multi functional Windows based CAM software for creating CNC programs and CNC machine controller program for making parts.

Cam and Editor/Simulator Create toolpaths from DXF files to pocket, drill, contour, 3D surface machine from .STL files, image acquisation, editing and filtering, raster to vector conversion and engraving, image to 3D carving toolpaths, engrave truetype fonts, PCB drilling and trace isolation. Create machinable .stl file from point clouds, 3D rotary axis programming for ring making and 4 axis foam cutting programs. 

All cam functions can use flat, ball, radiused and V-pointed cutters for all tool path calculations.

Includes customizable post processor, program editor, simulation of CNC programs in 2D and 3D.
Software is internet download only. A code will be e-mailed to license the program. NOTE: This item is NOT refundable. Please try out the software BEFORE you buy it. After we send the non-expiring code we will not honor any requests for refund.

30 day full working Demo download:

Controller optional add on, $100 with software purchase for first time purchasers only.  4 axis continuous motion contouring Windows controller. Utilizes the serial port. Controller can produce step and direction pulses at up to 125000 steps per second. External microprocessor based controller is flash reprogrammable so future software and firmware enhancements are automatically uploaded into controller. Operates off of a USB port with purchase of optional USB to serial adaptor.

Integrated probing function automatically scans a 3D surface, compensates for probe tip diameter and creates a 3D .stl file for remachining or for use in a CAD design program. Has 7, g-code controlled, external relay functions built in. Spindle CW, CCW, Flush coolant, Flood Coolant, Aux1, Aux2, Aux3. 5 volt PWM spindle speed control output. Logical inputs include 4 axis homing switches, Emergency Stop, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, and Probe/Limit. Board has a single quadrature encoder input ( for future use). 

Uses cutter compensation (G41/G42), Tool and Work Offsets, Drill cycles, Subroutines.  With rotary 4th axis, slaved axis for machines with dual stepper motors on X or Y, and 4 independent linear axes for foam cutting. A user programming API is available for customization of the controller functionality.

Requires 32 bit Windows OS  98,NT,2000,ME,XP,Vista, Windows 7-10
O-perates from regulated 5 vdc, or 9-12vdc unregulated.  
User supplies enclosure, step and direction drivers, power supply, RS-232 cable, and Windows computer.

Optional 3D contact probe is available . (Probe requires software compatible with probing unless both DeskCNC and controller are purchased.)

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