Cnc Systems - SYS-4 B- Assembled Servo Driver System Parallel port interface

Sys-4B servo controller system for parallel port
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Item Number: 505026
Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: SYS-4B


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SYS-4B 2-4 axis parallel port, servo system. 28-30vdc, 300 VA power supply. Includes motors and cables. 
Works with Mach3, TurboCNC, CNCpro, CNCZeus, etc. with Windows, linix, or DOS computers (depending on software used).

Assembled closed loop, step and direction servos, CNC driver system with metal enclosure, and power cables. 
Parallel port interface.  Suitable for powering Sherline, Taig, Micro and Mini Mills, (up to 1 hp spindle), also 
desktop CNC routers, foam cutters. As a general guideline, useful for up to 30 x 30 inch table size on gantry machines.

Includes servo drivers, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with power supply, resettable lighted breaker, E-stop, 
Servo Reset switch, latching power enable circuit, cooling fan, power indicator, and 9 foot power cord. Also includes 
9 foot long, motor power cables with 3 foot in-line connected machine harness  and 12' encoder cables.

The input connector is wired to match DeskCNC-in-a-box and the standard EMC step and direction pin out:

Parallel port pins:  2-X step 3-X dir 4-Y step 5-Y dir 6-Z step 7-Z dir 8-A step 9-A dir.

Normal lead time is stock to 10 days.

Servo Driver Info: SV-500 Drivers

Servo Motor Info: Globe Servo Motors

Normal 4X quadrature operation at up to 85,000 steps per second.  Drives can be jumpered to 1X mode
and will then have a max speed of 21,250 steps per second.

Available with a single 115V 10 amp relay controlled outlet, multiple axis selections, and 110 or 230 volt versions.

Each SYS-4B has a Cycle start switch and probe jack for scanning probe.  In addition , 4 pin mini din connectors are
wired for external relaybox and limit home switch circuits. These circuits can be easily reconfigured using the convenient
breakout board installed inside the controller box.


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