Cnc Systems - SYS-5- Assembled Servo Driver System USB-2

Sys-5 servo controller system for parallel port
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Item Number: 505030
Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: SYS-5


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SYS-5 2-4 axis usb-2, servo system, based on ncPOD controller board. 
26-30vdc, 250/300 VA power supply. Includes motors and cables. System 
will run from the ncPOD api software or with Mach3 plugin. The API 
software is a free downloadable controller program, compatible with 
Windows XP/vista, Windows 7 or 8 .
Assembled closed loop, step and direction servos, CNC driver system with metal 
enclosure, and power cables. USB-2 interface.  Suitable for powering Sherline, 
Taig, Micro and Mini Mills, (up to 1 hp spindle), also desktop CNC routers, foam 
cutters. As a general guideline, useful for up to 30 x 30 inch table size on gantry machines.

Includes servo drivers, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with power supply, 
resettable lighted breaker, E-stop, Servo Reset switch, latching power enable 
circuit, cooling fan, power indicator, and 9 foot power cord. Also includes 
9 foot long, motor power cables with 3 foot in-line connected machine 
harness  and 12' encoder cables.

Normal lead time is stock to 3 Weeks

Servo Driver Info: SV-500 Drivers

Servo Motor Info: Servo Motors with Quadrature encoders.

Normal 4X quadrature operation at up to 75,000 steps per second.  Drives can be 
jumpered to 1X mode and will then have a max speed of 21,250 steps per second.

Available with a single 115V 10 amp relay controlled outlet, multiple axis selections, 
and 110 or 230 volt versions.($149 additional)

Each SYS-5 has a Cycle start switch and probe jack for scanning probe.  In addition , 
4 pin mini din connectors are wired for external relay box and limit home switch circuits. 
These circuits can be easily reconfigured using the convenient plug connectors inside the box.

A micro SD-memory card is used for ncPOD api  and stand alone operation and is included. 
The controller will operate with Mach3, without installing an SD-card.
Computer interface is USB-2, cable is included.


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