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VectorCam for CNC programming
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New! Vector 12 now available.  Be sure to contact our office for significant discounts for personal/hobby use and for educational uses.
Vector Cad-Cam By Centriforce, IMService is the English language distributor of Vector cad-cam.

Latest Version of Vector Cad-Cam, integrated Windows CAD design and CNC programming software.


  • Manual set on distribution media
  • Software on thumb drive with context sensitive, indexed and searchable help
  • Archived user forum Q & A
  • 2 Stroke fonts for engraving
  • Postprocessors on media
  • Free access to user support forum

Includes JTS, Lathe, Mill, router AND 2 or 4 axis wire EDM at no extra charge.

Cad drawing import and export: DXF, IGES, STL, Rhino 3DM, XYZ point cloud, PLC, and Vector drawing and template formats. Superb quick sketcher with automatic snaps, copy-paste functions with translation, rotation, scaling, multiple copies. Intelligent offset curve, trim and extend functions. True-Type text engraving with installed MS-Windows fonts. Full time 3D wireframe CAD with multiple view ports. Dynamic rotation, pan, zoom for each window.

Vector 2D milling functions include zig zag and spiral pocketing, with islands. Submerged island pocketing. Spiral and angled ramping between levels.  Contouring function with automatic cutter offset, makes multiple Z level passes to rough and finish a part, including teardrop approach and depart. Slab/plane milling, Clean circle,

Drilling with traveling salesman optimization.

Lathe with NC program or NC controller compensation for tool nose radius. Safe roughing with "shadow" gouge avoidance and contour following rough pass ends. Groove tool roughing and finishing. Right hand-Left hand complementary tools used for roughing "behind" larger front contours, with as needed use for the left hand tool. Behind and in Front of center turning setups. Intelligent under-cut geometry development for ground shoulders and threads.

3D surfacing with the Skin function. Wrap cylinder, extrusion, swept curve profiling with waterline cuts, and Tru-Type text tool paths. Connect at Z to control tool movements between seperate contours, like letters. Easily customize configurations for different machine tools.

Color coded G-code editor. Specialized drivers for Agie, Maho, Heidenhein, Shopbot and many others, as well as standard ISO G-Code. Automatic Cutter comp control and fully configurable Cycles. Scripts and Ask-for variables.

Back plot G-code into a drawing.

Vector JTS-Jobs, Tooling, and Simulation.Re-usable tool libraries of milling and turning tools. Job process list developed from selected tools and manufacturing steps can be edited, reordered and extensively modified. Rectangular job stock definition is used to create a 3D rendered simulation of the entire part milling or routing process. Includes standard canned drill cycles, and simulates cutter comp as the part will be cut. Entire program is post processed after Job list is completed. Repetitive jobs can be saved as a drawing template with standardized tool library and job setup.

Vector 3D surface machining (Option) Drawing capability is included in basic vector. Nurbs curve based surface and curve modeler. Interpolate points to curves, higher order curves, least square curve approximation and nearest fit arcs. Project curves to defined planes with offsets. Hermite constructions. Convert curves to arcs, tangential extensions, nurbs ellipse, project curve onto surface. Construct surfaces using ruled, revolved, skinned, coons 4 and 3 edge, net interpolation, swept, swung, drive curve, birail, interpolate point array and interpolate random points into nurb surface. Surface blend. Planar surface from chain, surface to surface intersection, curve to surface intersection, extract surface edges, trim and untrim surfaces and create Z sections. Shaded rendered surfaces, displayed within main Vector drawing window and can be accessed as wireframe or rendered image.Machine surfaces with Z level roughing and a variety of finishing strategies. Axis parallel, ISo curve following, follow curves on surface, between 2 guide curves, radial machining, and contour parallel. Tool paths for ball flat and bull end mills can be compensated at the tool tip or the center of the radius. Waterline cutting of closed contours using straight, s-curved, and user defined cross sections. Cutting strategies can use closed contours to restrict toolpaths to specific portions of the defined surfaces. Single or multiple surfaces can be machined simultaneously. Engrave on 3D curved surfaces

Macro toolbar Pro for advanced programmability. Basic version is included with Vectorcam.

Requires Windows 98 or later. Compatible with Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

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