12 x 24 Desktop CNC Router w/ Servo control system on sale!

Desktop CNC router w/ servo control system
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Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: 122404


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NEW! 1hp Pro-Precision Spindle option.  Includes precision spindle, power supply, chiller system, variable frequency drive. Measured noise level 72-80 db. Speed from 8,000-24,000 rpm.  ER-15 collet.  Opto Isolated and programmed speed and rotation from CNC controller.
Economy spindle, Trend T4 spindle also available 11,500-32,000 RPM electronic variable speed 1.1 HP
Trend T4 trim Router link This spindle has a metal bearing housing and lends itself well to precision
mounting in a CNC controlled machine.

Desktop, Servo CNC router. 12 x 24 x 4 travel.
System3A closed loop, control system,

3 or 4 axis of simultaneous motion, limit and home switches.

Servos vs steppers?  Rapid and cut at speeds up to 350 inches per minute (ipm). 

A rotary 4th axis is available. A rotary 4th axis is for rotational carving, engraving, easily cuts rings, flutes and spirals, also for 3D rotary surface carving. The rotary can machine cylindrical material up to 3.2 inch diameter x 24 inches long. Our CNC rotary work head rotates at up to 7400 degrees per minute, and positions to .0015 degree, servo encoder resolution.

Items included with the rotary axis option:

  • 4" diameter CNC, servo rotary table,
  • 3.1 inch diameter, 4 jaw, self centering chuck,
  • right angle tail stock,
  • live and dead centers,
  • precision right angle mounting plate with t-slot for tailstock and mounting holes to match the router table
  • 4th servo motor with power and encoder cables
  • 4th servo driver installed in controller box.
  • manual hand wheel for precision adjustment of angular position



Each 122404 router comes standard with the SYS-3A controller (serial port), includes DeskCNC control hardware and software license. Customer supplies a Windows XP or later computer.  Wirks with a serial port or a USB to Serial Adaptor.
Sys-4B (parallel port) and SYS-5 (USB-2 port) may also be selected.

Base machine includes 3 servo drivers, assembled in a quality metal enclosure with power supply, resettable lighted breaker, cooling fan, power indicator, and power cord. 120vac. Machine ships fully assembled, and pre-wired. All wiring has polarized connectors for easy setup. Machine uses US made DC servo motors.  Special Installation of DeskCNC has all settings predetermined. All functions match the machine at startup. This machine is ready to run, it does not require you to adjust any software settings or experiment with steps, or purchase separate 3rd party software licenses or support.  Panel switches and connections include latching E-stop switch, power reset/enable circuit, servo driver reset circuit, panel connector for probe/tool setter, 3 axis encoder connectors, main power breaker.

Machine is a fixed gantry, moving table design. Z axis is precision Thompson rods with linear ball bearing. Z axis frame and table are constructed of cast tooling plate to assure precision alignment and reliability. X and Y axis are constructed with V-groove bearing wheels on hardened steel track. Aluminum parts are all black anodized and steel track is black oxide coated to resist corrosion.

Items included with each machine:

  • Assembled and tested CNC routing machine ( Base and Bridge ) w/ Router mounting bracket installed
  • Assembled and tested servo controller box
  • motor power and encoder cables
  • 8' 110v power cord
  • 10' serial cable or 6' parallel or USB cable
  • licensed DeskCNC software on CD ( with SYS-3A controller only)
  • Printed user's manual
  • "Easy CNC" book
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear plugs
  • Set of hex wrenches
  • Grounding cable (for static control)

Shown above with optional items: Trend Trim Router, and Dust collection system (requires shopvac to operate, shopvac not included), and rotary 4th axis

For quotation to locations other than USA or Canada, please e-mail to request a quote, providing full shipping address and desired options.

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