Precision Leadscrew Upgrade for Sherline Mill

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Item Number: 608124
Manufacturer: Sherline
Manufacturer Part No: PLSS-x-4TPI.
Precision lead screw and yoke, A2Z, for Sherline mill upgrade. PLSS1-4TPI. 
Includes 4 TPI leadscrews, zero lash nuts, saddle, CNC mount adapters.

Sherline CNC motor mounts and couplers are required to use this product.
Motor mounts & couplers in photo are NOT included. 

Uses Kerk Motion precision leadscrews with anti-backlash nuts. Screws are
treated with KerKote coating for additional performance and reduced wear.
Screws are accurate to 0.0006" per foot or better. These screws are 7/16 inch
with 4 turns per inch and dual start threads. A Sherline mill with steppers will run
at 90 ipm with 234 oz/in motors and .00125 inch position resolution.  With the
IMService servo motors, these screws run up to 300 ipm, with .00009 inch resolution.
The yoke contact surfaces are treated with Turcite.  This teflon composite material
reduces stick-slip between the moving slides, which results in improved positional
accuracy at slow speeds.  The improved lubricity also reduces friction at high speeds.
4 tapped holes on front and back sides of yoke can be used for attaching flexible way covers.
Default selection works with  Sherline standard X tables or A2Z extended
travel X and also works with A2Z Long Y base.
If using with a shorter base, select the desired option from the radio button selections.

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