Magnetic relay control box

Inductive Relay box for spindle control
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Manufacturer: IMService
Self contained spindle and coolant(dust collector, vacuum pump, etc.) control box. Optically isolated from control computer. Relays are magnetic to permit inductive surge loads that occur in motor startup. Each outlet is rated for up to 10 amps with a total max rating of 10 amps for both combined. 3 relay system insures that the relays are off and remain off until a 5v control signal enables the box. After the controller is enabled, separate signals are used to control the spindle and coolant relays. Package includes 6 ft data cable, power cord, and plug compatible, panel mount wiring assembly for the DeskCNC controller.

Relay control box can be added to most IMService SYS-3 servo controllers, including those with our CNC routers. E-stop on the SYS-3 turns off both relays.

Can also be used with parallel port CNC controllers and ncPod.

Designed for control of desktop machines such as Sherline, Taig and small CNC routers with spindles such as the Dewalt DW640 used in our 121204 machines.

Power on lamp in mains power switch. 10 amp slo-blo fuse. Separate indicator lamps for each circuit.

To operate the relays with DeskCNC, the CW or Flood buttons are clicked in the DeskCNC software. Clicking the buttons again will turn off either circuit. To control the circuits within a program, M03 turns on the spindle, M08 turns on the flood coolant circuit. M05 is spindle off and M09 is coolant off. Both circuits are turned off at the end of a program. All M codes can also be executed with the MDI function.

Size: 6 in wide x 6 3/4 in deep x 3 in high. Enclosure is steel and aluminum w/ rubber anti-skid/vibration dampening feet.

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