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Your Price: Item is No longer Available because it is obsolete. It is being left up for historical reference.
Item Number: 203010
Manufacturer: IMService
Manufacturer Part No: Stlwork
StlWork, opens binary or text STL files and generates a variety of gouge free, 3D, tool paths, using various tool geometries and cutting strategies. Includes dynamic viewing and model translation, rotation, and scaling. This item is distributed over the internet. It must be downloaded from our web site. The download is a full working 30 day demo. After you place an order we will send you a non-expiring code to enter into your StlWork program. NOTE: This item is NOT refundable. Please try out the software BEFORE you buy it. After we send the non-expiring code we will not honor any requests for refund.

Includes slabber for cutting multiple slices from a large model, male-female mold type toolpaths, rotary spiral and ring generator, Waterline finishing, margins, angle of tangency selection, Z- roughing, and more.
Note: The software is only available via download. Software on a disc
will NOT be shipped to you

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