Tool Change System

List Price: $1,495.00
Your Price: Obsolete see replacement toolchanger
Item Number: 702150
Manufacturer: IMService
See instead the new Toolchanger System:
We can no longer supply the old Rapid tool changer (below)
8 position tool change system for IMService CNC routers, CNC milling machines.  

The base price includes an assembled rack, G-code based tool change macro samples and setup instructions. Complete DeskCNC toolchange configuration files are available with purchase, on request. The rack design and tool change macro have been extensively tested for reliable tool pickup and release.  The rack material has been tested with over 500 tool changes per pocket with little or no visible wear, and no degradation in function. Add optional items to basic rack assembly for a complete system.
Complete system consists of the following items:
    • Tool holder rack ( 8 position ) Available with 4" or 3" height. ( Mechanical Specification)
    • HTS quick switcher with 3, ER-16 tool holders
    • Additional Tool Holders available
    • ER-16 collet set,
    • Extra collets are available
    • Sherline 2800 or 10,000 rpm spindle and mounting bracket
    • Magnetic Relay Box to turn spindle on and off under program control
This system mounts onto an IMService 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 CNC router. Includes instructions and DeskCNC tool change setup for SYS-3A. Can also be used with other controller software with support for Tool changers.  The toolchanger rack material has been subjected to extensive life tests.  Typically after 500 tool changes in a single slot, there is no visible wear.  The 2" rack can be mounted on the back of the table and is short enought to clear the base of the Z-axis, with tool holders installed.  The 3" model can be mounted on the front of the table, it will not clear the base of the Z-axis.
Note, the modular fixture tooling plate and clamping system shown on the router table in the photos, is not included with this package.  It may be purchased seperately from the "Tooling" category.  Except for the base rack, all the components of the package can also be purchased separately.

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